Blackjack has a very low house edge compared to other casino games, which explains its massive popularity. Before you decide to start playing, it is a good idea to learn about these odds. This information will help you know what you are getting yourself into.

The House Edge

The average house edge in blackjack is about one percent, but it can get down to 0.2% depending on a number of factors. While this is not true for all players, it should at least be encouraging if you are interested in this game.

Playing as a Beginner

Those who are just starting out playing blackjack have the worst odds. There are very few people who have an advantage over the house when sitting down to play for the very first time.

If you don’t have much experience with this game, you’ll want to go to a table when it’s not very busy. The dealer will be able to take you through everything. You should make a point of doing this again and again until you feel more comfortable at the table. There is no shame in taking things slow, especially if you are just starting out.

Your Advantages

As the player, you have certain advantages in blackjack that you’ll need to be aware of. One of the best things about this game is that you get paid double the normal amount. This is assuming that the dealer does not have 21 as well.

There is also the fact that you have numerous options with each hand. This can make it easier to win, especially if you know what you are doing. The dealer doesn’t have as many options—this is just the nature of the game.


You can also choose to double down, which allows you to potentially make two times as much with a single hand. You have the ability to split pairs as well, which can turn your crappy hands into something much better.

You can always surrender your starting hand, even though most dealers won’t tell you this. It can be useful in a lot of situations, and the dealer can’t do it.

Using Strategy to Improve Your Odds

A solid strategy can really help when it comes to improving your odds when playing blackjack. It is important to keep in mind that some strategies are better than others, depending on which variation of this game you are playing.

You need to start out by learning the basics of blackjack strategy. This is essentially the foundation for getting the best possible odds. While it might seem a bit overwhelming at first, it is pretty easy to pick up on as you go.

Final Thoughts

The overall odds of winning at blackjack are much higher than most other games you will find in the average casino. When you have some experience under your belt and the right strategy, anything is possible. Just make sure that you understand the rules of the game and how strategy relates to the odds.