If you have a bust in your hand and it turns out to be lower than your dealer, congrats, you are in for a victory. The idea that has developed is simple if you have a hand that can bust, you don’t hit it and let the dealer bust.  It doesn’t matter what you have, 12, 16 or 19, you stay. The game is similar to ordinary Blackjack with a six-deck shoe, 52 cards each and four jokers. The rules for winning this game are simple, either your hand doesn’t exceed Natural or if it’s higher than the player’s hand, closer to 21. A natural consists of two jokers or it can be an Ace and a Joker. All cards in the game have a value, Joker with any card is 21, face cards have a value of 10, Aces are 1 or 11 and have the option to draw more cards, players are dealt with two cards in the beginning. The points vary from place to place, and some casinos value Jokers at 2 or 12 points.


The gamestarts with the dealer distributing two cards to each player. Hole card and the Up card. He gives these two cards to himself too. Though the Upcards can be examined by other players but the hole card that he distributed is face down and he’s not allowed to see it. The Joker serves as a wild card and its combination with any card equals 21, whenever an Upcard turns out to be a Joker, any non 21 players are not allowed to draw and the dealer wins.


You can place your bet from $10-600 with an additional fee of $1 to the house. The fee for a banker player is about $3. There can be variations in the game in certain places but the central idea and the industrial standard remain the same.


The player can surrender at anytime of the game except at the time when their hand is not below a natural or after double-down and after placing of the bet. The game allows the maximum split of 3. Every table has a betting limit and the player must play within the regulated limit, though there is no such limit for dealers.


If a player happens to be a banker, they can allow another player to split the role between them. This is called Kum-Kum. They’ll split the winning and losing between themselves if the other person puts up the same amount of the former. All players must put up the same amount but otherwise, they can opt for a new bank to cover the bets, not covered earlier.

Does it work:

Blackjack Strategy

The idea behind the No-bust is to wait if you have a bust and let the dealer bust making you the winner because you’re still in the game. However, it’s unwise to follow the dealer in a Blackjack game instead use your head. It may work in certain circumstances. Many of the players suggest not to play the No-bust strategy and instead play the basic game, but depending on your quest to find out and If you don’t shy from enduring little risks, you can give it a go to find out for yourself.The accurate calculations in your head and a sharp IQ is always a savior in cards.


Over the years to master Blackjack, players in the game have developed strategies and techniques to play a perfect game. No bust strategy is one such product that requires the players not to bust but wait, no matter what you have, whether that be a 17, or a 12, you wait and let the dealer bust. The game of six-deck shoe has simple rules, your cards shouldn’t either exceed a natural or should be higher than that of the dealer, but close to 21. All the face cards have a value of 10, Joker acts as a wild card and combination of it with any card makes 21, Aces are valued at 1 or 11, Natural is two Jokers or Ace and a Joker. There are some variations in the value of Joker where in someplaces it’s valued at 2 or 12 points.