Looking to unwind after a long day, or a week, of work by testing your luck and skill with a little bit of gambling online? If so, there are a few virtual casinos you should check out. Especially if your favorite game to play is blackjack. This is because there are some amazing live tables you can join in with and play a few hands. The best casinos to offer blackjack are the focus of this article, and after reading your way through you will be much more informed about what each of the best sites has to offer. But, before we begin, there were a few qualifications that all of them had to have, to make our list of the best; these include safety, ease of deposits/withdrawals, and high rate of payouts for players.

Requirements For The Best Casinos To Play Blackjack

First up is safety, every one of these casinos offers the most up to date software for handling your transactions and sensitive data in only the most secure fashion. You are protected from leaks and hacking when accessing these sites and can rest easy knowing that all of these casinos are at the forefront of up to date practices and technology used to keep your information safe and secure from prying eyes. They supply all of this by using top-notch firewalls and SSL encryption software. Second, each of these virtual casinos makes it easy to deposit, and more importantly withdraw your funds to and from their system. They also accept a wide variety of currencies and methods of payment, from bank transfers to debit card payments. They accept a wide variety of financial providers such as Visa, MasterCard, Paysafecard, Trustly, and other big well-known industry leaders. The last qualification for making our list of best places to play blackjack is a high payout rate. Every one of the gaming sites on our list of the best offer over a 94% payout rate. This simply means that their software is randomly drawing cards and has no machine bias towards the dealer. With any physical casino you are often looking at about a 92-95% payout rate while playing blackjack; if it were any higher than the game wouldn’t exist in any casino, because that 5-8% for physical and 4% for virtual casinos is where the house makes their money from.

How To Play Online Blackjack Like A Pro

Now, let’s look at some tips from the pros about playing blackjack online. Obtaining the biggest chance of coming out ahead and on top is based on your strategy, that is the key. Learn and pick a strategy of how you should act upon each hand and stick with it, don’t fall into the trap of thinking like a ‘gambler’ and going for that lucky draw by taking a hit when your strategy calls for a stand. This will help your odds of winning the long game, and if you are disciplined in your gameplay and have studied and chosen a strategy then your odds of winning will greatly increase and you’ll find your time spent online more enjoyable because of the extra few bucks you will earn before logging off more often than now. Also, a good rule of thumb is to pick your betting amount. Then, keep that amount steadily set the same across every hand played, even when you think you’re on a ‘winning streak.’ This will keep you from facing any major losses; those negative hits to your chip pile that you will then be scrambling to make up for by raising your average bet per hand to win bigger and taking risks against your playing strategy. All of this should be avoided and a good set strategy and betting So, it is best to avoid these pitfalls and just stick with a steady bet rate per hand so that you will enjoy your gaming time more often.

Reviews Of The Best Casinos To Play Blackjack Online

Now, since you know what the requirements are for a good virtual casino and how to best approach the game of blackjack while online, let’s take a closer look at a few of the absolute best casinos sites online to play some blackjack. Here are a couple of the best ones, that you should take a moment to check out when you have the time. You will thank us after experiencing these sites for yourself. Here they are, in no structured order:

Cookie Casino Review

This is an impressive brand-new addition to the internet is a high-class casino option for even the lowliest of players. You don’t have to be a high roller to enjoy some serious bonuses, rewards, and other perks. Right off the bat, you will receive a great sign up bonus that includes both a matched deposit and plenty of free spins on the slots. But, since you’re here for some blackjack, there is an easy to navigate search function which you will need in order of saving you the hours it would take to browse their enormous library of games. Just look for the live tables section, and you will find some blackjack options run by hosts and designers Pragmatic and Evolution. Both of which have created some very user-friendly interfaces that are intuitive to learn all the functions available and how to operate the games comes naturally. Overall, playing a few hands of 21 on using the new kid on the block casino will leave you satisfied and happy from the experience. The system boasts some great new functions compared to some established online casinos, and all the newest of software is on display with this N1 product. That’s right, this is another addition to the market from the powerhouse production company that has previously, and even currently, dominated the online gaming market. This is just their newest attempt at perfection, and they have come as close to it as any other site has ever reached, so far that is.

Jackpot City Review

The next great option for hitting a few hands of blackjack online is Jackpot City. While they do not have the number of games in their catalogue to match the previous option, they make up for it with the quality of their service, graphics, speed, and a whole host of other positive features that they provide. They are always available for you if you need help, and you can access their live chat option to talk to a representative. Although, you will rarely – if ever – experience as issues with this smooth-running site. They offer to sign up bonuses that meet or beat any other choice for your internet gaming experience. With deposit matching up to a whopping $1600 and, like with most sites, they offer a couple of hundred free spins in their slot machines. With a low wager number before payout, of 40x the bonus needing to have been wagered before it is actual cash that can then be withdrawn, paired with the fact that they have a stunning 97% payout rate means that you will easily be able to get the most bang for your buck when playing on this virtual casino. Now, for all of us blackjack players, they offer some great interactive table games made by software giant Microgames. Although to be brutally honest, they do lack one tiny thing and that is the live version of table games like blackjack that have become very popular as of late, but many of them have yet to work the kinks out of the systems, and they tend to have issues much more often than the traditional options Jackpot City offers. Being an established site for years now, this option is a great and reliable service for all your gaming needs, and the little things they lack are more than made up for by things like speed of the games and being able to play hand after hand at a fast past without choppy or lagging graphics. Also, with their massive options for deposit and withdrawals, you are sure to find one that you are incredibly pleased with and that matches your financial providers. All in all, Jackpot City is a well rounded and reputable site for meeting your blackjack playing needs.

7Sulatns Review

This name is an industry staple. Having launched way back in 1998, they were one of the very first to offer real money wagering online. Somehow, they have managed to not only remain relevant but continue to set the industry standards for quality gaming. They have a platform that is ultra-accessible for players of all skill levels in both gaming and technology. Being able to enjoy gaming on their site, or on a downloadable version for your laptop or desktop computers, makes them enjoyable in many different settings. Adding to that is the fact that their site is viewable on every single type of device you may want, or can even think of, to use for enjoying some blackjack on the go, including; tablet, android phones, iPhone, windows phone, and just about every type of device that has been created since the site’s inception over two decades ago. Their long-standing platform runs games by the media giant software designer Microgaming and has over 500 of their most popular titles for you to choose from. Plus, they run live tables for a whole host of games like roulette, blackjack- of course, baccarat, and more. Not to mention the fact that 7Sultans is a member of the Fortune Lounge club, giving them a semi-unique ability to participate in some enormous jackpot payouts, the current max is 4.3 million credits, a jaw-dropping number and a life-changing amount for the winner lucky enough to hit that prize. So, for being an ancient entity in the online gaming industry, 7Sultans still leads by example on how a site can and should be run, with players in mind and always the focus of their expansions. They even offer a more than competitive signup bonus that easily rivals some of the best on the market and displays their confidence in their ability to retain players. This is because their 100% deposit match does not just apply to players first time deposit, but rather the first three deposits – until they reach a certain cutoff dollar amount. They know that once a gamer gets a chance to try playing on their tables or slots, they will come back for more. A well-earned bonus that sets them apart from the competition in a saturated market. So, go ahead and give them a shot, you’ll quickly understand why this dinosaur of a virtual casino is far from facing extinction.

Ruby Fortune Casino Review

With more than 25 variations of blackjack table games to choose from, it’s no wonder this site made our list. They have a huge selection of top-notch games, even branded slots that many other sites cannot afford licensing, and are an industry leader having hard-fought their way to a solid reputation of being one of the best. They have been earning that reputation since they were established back in the early 2000s. Being a member of the Palace Casino Group, left a bit for them to live up to and landed some expectations for them that other sites don’t typically have. Well, they shoulder that burden and stand head and shoulders above all their sister sites. Offering a huge array of games from Microgames – who set the industry standard for gaming software= they are easily one of the top overall virtual casinos in existence. For us blackjack players, we are offered an array of games that would be nearly impossible to beat without some serious doing. The amount of choices is staggering, and you can spend days upon days trying out new table game after new table game in search of your favourite. Uniquely, they even offer multiplayer versions where you can enter a table with other players and compete with the entire table, or just against the dealer while other players battle him too. The latter of which, if played right, greatly increases your odds of payout to staggering levels. One reason for this is because with a table full of players you get to see a whole lot of cards per hand, and you can work on your card counting abilities and go against the standard advice of picking a wager and sticking with it. Unfortunately, this is the one time you want a site to run slowly, so you can keep up with an accurate count, but this site is well maintained and updated so it runs super-fast and it makes it difficult for anyone but Rainman to keep up with the card count (but it is fun to try and this table is your best chance at attempting to master the dream about and drooled over skill). Whatever your fancy for blackjack variation, 7Sultans casino is sure to run a table of it with plenty of those tables being live versions. Finally, in the minuscule chance you encounter a problem with absolutely any aspect of these sites or any of its games, functioning ability – well, they offer 24/7 support in more than 6 languages. This means you never have to worry about miscommunication and can always resolve your issue, should anything at all ever happen while you’re are enjoying some good old fashion gambling playtime.