Blackjack is a card game in which the players try to acquire the face value of 21 in cards or higher than the dealer but not more than 21. The three objectives of the game are to get 21 on the players first, or get a final count higher than the dealer but not higher than 21 and let the dealer draw more cards until he exceeds 21. Each player has two cards, face up or down, depending on the casino and when the players are done, it’s dealers turn. Many tables offer side bets on blackjack like Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Match the dealer, and Bust it. The blackjack has inspired similar games in the industry like Spanish-21, Double exposure blackjack, Super Fun 21, and Blackjack switch. How to play the game depends on different players, their expertise and tactics?! Techniques can’t be rushed but there are certain do’s and dont’s in the game that one shouldn’t do. In other words, let’s keep up the standard.

Placing higher bets:

Casino Table

Placing higher bets based upon your previous outcomes is naïve. No matter how many hands you lost in a row, you should not place your bet thinking that this time the odds will be on your side. It surely doesn’t work that way. Past results don’t judge the outcome of the future. You should increase your bet based upon your card and if you believe you have the best one, you can go for it but keep no place for miscalculations or thinking that you will win.

Keep your money on the table and tip:

You need chips to play a blackjack game. Keep your money on the table not hand it over to the dealer. The dealer will pick it up and count it up for cameras. Don’t skip tipping the dealer. If you maintain nice goodwill with the dealer, chances are they’ll want you to win or advise you in a tough decision.

Don’t order alcohol:

Don’t order alcohol

Drinking while the game is going is worse. It just kills the theme of the game. You don’t want to end up collapsing on the table or making irrelevant comments on the table. This doesn’t live up to the standard of the game and putts off every player from playing. Having a clear head is important and being inebriated in the game will not just ruin the mood but also cost you heavily. Keep your brain in the game, not in the bottle. That’s the key.

Don’t put the blame and don’t touch:

Actions of others do not affect the possibility of your win. Make sure that you put your mind in your own game rather than blame others for ruining your hand. Your chances of winning depend on you and how you play the game. In blackjack, players are not allowed to touch the cards, and you should not try to do it. Let it be as it is. Also, don’t try to touch the bet after the cards have been dealt, it would appear as if you’re cheating. Take a deep breath and be trust your stars.


Don’t play the insurance. It’s usually a dumb move. It’s a bet on whether the dealer has a blackjack or not. But don’t ignore the dealer, pay attention to everything he says, dealers know the basic strategy of the game and chances are they’ll help you in making tougher decisions. You should tip the dealer anyway because they’re usually helpful through your game.

Don’t sit in the first seat:


Sitting far away from the dealer will give you time to review your cards and dealers’ hand. Keep your strategy in the game(Watch Now) and don’t deviate from on-table-experts, just nod but always play your game with your head. After all, it’s you against the dealer. And keep your emotions out of the table.

Use hand symbols:

Prefer to use symbols and avoid the voice. In a noisy casino, it would be harder for the dealer to understand you. And on top of that, it needs to be recorded by the camera to have a visual. Use coordinated hand gestures to let the dealer know what you want. A Master Blackjack gamble is known by his gestures and his calm. Make sure to live up to that.


Remember to win you must first play with your clear head. Playing a game if you’re are tired or inebriated, always ends up with cringe-worthy decisions. Maintain discipline in the game. Use proper gestures in the game, not only it maintains a standard but also allows you to better strategize your game for a possible win.