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Why is Blackjack So Popular? Let’s Take a Closer Look

Why is Blackjack So Popular? Let’s Take a Closer Look

There are lots of different reasons why blackjack has become such a popular game over the years. If you are going to visit a casino in the near future, you’ll definitely want to think about playing a few hands.

You are in Control

One of the great things about blackjack is that you are in the control—well, to a certain degree anyway. Unlike roulette and other games of chance, there is definitely strategy involved with blackjack. You can choose to split, hit, stand or double down. The more you play, the better you will get at it. When you start gaining some experience, you will get better at making these decisions.

Perfection is Possible

There is a virtually perfect strategy for playing blackjack that you follow. While this doesn’t mean that you are going to win every single hand, it can drastically improve your chances. You should take some time to explore the various charts that act as cheat sheets.

You obviously won’t be able to use these charts when playing, but you can study them. The more well thought out your strategy is, the more your odds will improve as a whole.

You Can Have the Edge over the House

Another incredible thing about blackjack is that your skill level ultimately determines your edge over the house. The house edge is actually inherently low compared to lots of other card games that you will find in a modern casino.

Most of the games that you will find in a casino give you an edge of just two or three percent. You do have to take the rules of the game into consideration as well. There are some versions of blackjack that come with a bigger edge than others.

It is a Real Thrill

You will be hard pressed to find a card game that is more thrilling than blackjack. This is partially because each hand is completely different, so you can never tell what exactly is going to happen next. It is this sort of unpredictability that makes this game so fun to play for so many different people. If you want to get your adrenaline pumping next time you set food in a casino, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

There are lots of Ways to Improve Your Odds

Blackjack is a game that affords players lots of opportunities to increase their chances of winning big. For example, the right bonus could provide you with additional funds to gamble with. There are all sorts of strategies that you can use to gain an advantage on the house.

You can Play Online

There are tons of online casinos that offer a variety of blackjack options that make this game even more fun to play. If you don’t live near any casinos, this is a great alternative to consider. There are lots of opportunities for playing live blackjack online. You will get a casino type experience without even having to leave home.

Top 8 Reasons Why Most Blackjack Players Lose

Top 8 Reasons Why Most Blackjack Players Lose

If you are going to play blackjack, it is important that you learn about some of the common reasons why players lose. While this game can enable you to gain an edge on the house, there are still plenty of ways to mess up.

  1. Not Knowing the Rules

It is crucial that you aware of all the rules for whichever variation of blackjack you play. This is one of the most common reasons who people lose at this game. Take the time to do your research beforehand. This will drastically improve your chances of doing well.

  1. Relying too much on Instinct

A lot of blackjack players will make decisions based on their “gut” or instincts. While this is not entirely a bad thing, you also need to use logic and reason. You cannot just leave everything to chance, because it won’t end well.

  1. Failing to Develop a Sound Strategy

There are lots of different strategies that you can use when playing blackjack, some of which are better than others. A good strategy can go a long way towards giving you the upper hand. Take some time to look up different blackjack strategies online.

  1. Using a Betting Progression

You don’t want to get caught in the trap of using betting progressions, as they won’t serve you well at all. Despite what you might think, your previous hands reveal nothing about your chances with future hands. This is a myth that has be debunked by experts time and time again.

  1. Getting too Emotional

The last thing you want to do is to let your emotions take over at the blackjack table. Whether you are playing in an actual casino or online, you need to keep this in mind. It is crucial that you check your emotions at the door.

  1. Going to Tables with Continuous Shuffle Machines

While a continuous shuffle machine or CSM might be a good thing for the dealer, it doesn’t benefit most players. You’ll need to take it slow when playing this game, which is not really possible when you at one of these tables.

  1. Continuing to Play when Tired

If you are playing blackjack and you start to get tired, get some sleep and go back once you are fully rested. The sleepier you get, the less likely you are to win at this game. You need all of your wits about you when playing blackjack. While it can be tempting to keep going through hands, it is not advisable in the slightest.


  1. Relying on the Dealer for Advice

You never want to ask a blackjack dealer for advice, because it won’t help. They certainly don’t have your best interests at heart, as they work for the casino. Even if the dealer is answering genuinely, it is not a good idea to do this. You’ll want to rely solely on your strategy and experience. It takes time to cultivate these things, but it is well worth it in the end.

8 Things To Never Do At A Blackjack Table!

8 Things To Never Do At A Blackjack Table!

Blackjack is a card game in which the players try to acquire the face value of 21 in cards or higher than the dealer but not more than 21. The three objectives of the game are to get 21 on the players first, or get a final count higher than the dealer but not higher...

Top 3 Reasons Why Blackjack Is My Favorite Casino Game

Top 3 Reasons Why Blackjack Is My Favorite Casino Game

There are lots of reasons why blackjack is my favorite casino game, and I’ll share a few of them with you. This is one of the most popular games in casinos today, and it’s no wonder when you actually learn about it.

  1. You have a Good Chance of Winning

So many casino games inherently come with extremely low odds for the players. This is not the case with blackjack. In fact, there is a relatively low house edge. Your chances of winning are strongly dependent on how skilled you are at the game. This means that the more you play, the better you will get (hopefully).

If you want to play a casino game where you actually have a decent chance of coming out on top, blackjack is a great choice. Just keep in mind that every single hand is unique, so you can’t always respond the same way.

The fact is that there is a very high house edge with most other games, especially slot machines. If you are going to gamble, you might as well give yourself the best chances of winning.

  1. Strategy is Everything

Some people shy away from blackjack because strategy plays such a big part in it. I actually consider this a good thing, because it means that I am in control, to some extent anyway. There are lots of different strategies that a person can use when playing this game, and some of them work better than others.

The strategy that you use plays a huge role in what your chances are of winning from hand to hand. It is important to choose your strategy wisely, especially when playing variations of this game.

The truth is that a majority of blackjack strategies are the same at their core. There is also the fact that you don’t want to deal with playing against anyone else. This keeps stress to a minimum and increases your odds of winning. The right strategy can put the house edge below one percent. This is pretty incredible when you consider the nature of most other casino games.

  1. Different Social Experiences

You can choose to play blackjack with lots of other people at the same table in a casino, which appeals to a lot of people. There is also the option of playing online. You’ll quickly find that most online casinos offer this particular game.

There is a certain social experience associated with blackjack that is unlike any other game. It is pretty great that you have the freedom to choose what sort of social experience you want. The live dealer blackjack games online can be a lot of fun.

If you are a more extroverted person, going to an actual casino to play is probably the way to go. Those who like to gamble without all of the crowds will find that the internet has a lot to offer. There is an option for everyone, and that is a truly great thing.

Learn How to Play 21 – [Tips & Best Practices]

Learn How to Play 21 – [Tips & Best Practices]

Blackjack 21 is definitely a fun game that you can play on a number of websites. There are even apps for Android and Apple users. Before you start playing, it is important that you get some helpful tips.

Basics of Blackjack 21

The goal of Blackjack 21 is to end up with a hand with adds up to 21 or less based on the value of each card you are holding. If you get closer to 21 (but not over) than the dealer, you win the hand.

Doubling Down

In blackjack, doubling down means that you are doubling the bet you placed. When you do this, you will receive one additional card. Your hand will be done after this no matter which card you receive.

It is generally only a good idea to double down if you get a 9, 10, or 11. You also want to make sure that the dealer doesn’t have either a 10 or an Ace. This will give you the best chances of winning big with a single hand. Knowing when to double down can help you a lot in this game.


When you receive two cards of equal value in a hand, you have the option of splitting. This means that you will be playing two different hands, each of which has one of these cards. In this scenario, you’ll have to place another bet for the same amount as your previous one.

You have the option to either “hit” or “stand” for both of your hands. If your cards add up to 21 about you split, you will just have 21. When you split aces, you will receive just one additional card. In this case, you’ll be required to stand.

Blackjack Charts

There are strategy charts that you can reference while you are playing Blackjack 21 online. There are even some casinos that allow you to use these charts. This can be very helpful when it comes to getting the upper hand while playing.

Helpful Tips

There are a lot of helpful tips that you can follow when playing Blackjack 21, including:

Stand on 16

If the dealer has a ten, it is typically a good idea to stand on 16. While it is likely that you are going to bust, your chances of winning the hand are still pretty good.

Standing on 12

When the dealer has a 2, you should consider taking another card. This could give you a better overall total value.


The term “insurance” in blackjack refers to a side bet that covers you in case the dealer has a blackjack. If you have a blackjack, you’ll definitely want to consider doing this.


Sometimes it is good to take advantage of late surrender when playing blackjack. This basically means that you give up your hand prior to the dealer seeing what they have. While this is something that no player ever wants to do, it can be very beneficial.

Are Blackjack Side Bets Worth It?

Are Blackjack Side Bets Worth It?

While side bets can definitely make playing blackjack a lot more thrilling, there is a lot you should know about them. They have the potential to help you win big, but you don’t want to go in blind. The more you learn about side bets, the better off you will be next time you play.

What are Side Bets?

A side bet is simply a bet you make at the start of a game in addition to your primary bet. It basically consists of guessing which cards you or the dealer will get. This all comes down to a matter of chance, but card counting is allowed.

Reasons to Play Side Bets

There are actually some pretty good reasons to play side bets in blackjack. While the odds of winning a side bit may seem pretty dismal, the potential for winning big is huge. If you want to win as much as possible when playing this game, side bets can definitely help.

If you are good at counting cards, placing a side bet is a particularly good idea. It is important to keep in mind that your odds are still going to be fairly low. It all comes down to a matter of how much risk you are willing to take.

Types of Side Bets

You will also want to learn about some of the more common blackjack side bets. This will also increase your chances of making the right decision at a crucial moment.

Perfect Pairs

You will be able to win big with this side bet if you are given two of a kind, but only under certain conditions.

A mixed pair, which is two of an identical value with different colors and suits, will pay out 5:1. If you get to two cards with the same color and value, you’ll get a payout of 12:1. If you manage to get two of the exact same card, you’ll get a payout of 25:1.


If you want to minimize the house edge when playing blackjack, you might want to place an insurance side bet. This side bet pays out 2:1 in the event that your dealer gets Blackjack. This is only the case if they have an ace that is face up.


With this side bet, you will be betting on your own cards as well as the face up one the dealer has.

A flush will get you a payout of 5:1, a straight will payout 10:1, three of a kind is 30:1, straight flush is 40:1, and a suited triple is 100:1. As you can see, you stand to gain a lot of money depending on which side bet you win.

Final Thoughts

The fact is that side bets in blackjack can definitely be worth the risk. You will need to decide how much you are willing to lose before making a decision. Take the time to consider the side bet offer carefully instead of just impulsively agreeing. There is a good chance you will lose, but the potential winnings are often massive.

Here’s the fascinating reason why Blackjack is known as Blackjack

Here’s the fascinating reason why Blackjack is known as Blackjack

Blackjack is played all over the world. It is one of the most popular gambling card games ever, and there are thousands of casinos that have at least one table dedicated to Blackjack. From Las Vegas to Macau to cruise ships that travel the world, Blackjack has been exciting players and ridding people of their money for a long time. Even people who don’t gamble know how to play Blackjack, as it is a relatively simple game to play. But while you are sitting down at the table and watching the dealer pass out cards, have you ever wondered where the name Blackjack comes from? In this article, we will tell a bit about the history of Blackjack and how it developed its name.


The History of Blackjack

Formerly, Blackjack was only known as 21, as this is what the game was first called. The game 21 has been around since at least the 17th century, but historical rumors are saying that it might go back to the days of Rome. If it is true, then the Roman version of 21 would be played with slabs and dice. Variations of 21 were played in France, Spain, and Italy. The sailors of these countries often played 21 to pass the time while sailing around the open ocean. Gambling was also a great way to motivate your sailors. Someone who has lost their money from gambling has more initiative to work that those who still have their money! It is thought to be French sailors that would bring 21 to New Orleans and to its gambling halls. It is New Orleans that made the game famous, but it would be Las Vegas that would finally change the name.

Going to Las Vegas

With the rise of Las Vegas, 21 would finally become what we know of today as Blackjack. In 1931, Nevada made gambling legal, and nothing was ever the same again for the small town of Las Vegas. The creation of the Hoover dam a few years later would bring in a population influx that would fuel the city’s construction. After WW2, Las Vegas was a fully functioning entertainment city, and the Flamingo was the best hotel on the strip.

Attracting Customers

At the time, casinos were big on inventing card combos with yielded big payouts. When creating lucrative payouts for 21, they came up with a 10-1 payout if the hand a player was dealt consisted of a blackjack card and an Ace card. The casino owners advertised this new version of 21 as Blackjack. The ten to one payout was extremely popular, and people began to refer to 21 Blackjack as just Blackjack. Even after the payouts were changed and were no longer as prominent, 21 was now referred to as Blackjack throughout Las Vegas, so the name stuck to this day.

So now you know a little bit of history behind the name Blackjack and how its name has changed over the centuries. So next time you are sitting down, preparing yourself to play a quick round with your friends, you can share a little history with them before you clean out their wallets.

No Bust Blackjack Strategy: Does it work?

No Bust Blackjack Strategy: Does it work?

If you have a bust in your hand and it turns out to be lower than your dealer, congrats, you are in for a victory. The idea that has developed is simple if you have a hand that can bust, you don’t hit it and let the dealer bust.  It doesn’t matter what you have, 12,...

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