While side bets can definitely make playing blackjack a lot more thrilling, there is a lot you should know about them. They have the potential to help you win big, but you don’t want to go in blind. The more you learn about side bets, the better off you will be next time you play.

What are Side Bets?

A side bet is simply a bet you make at the start of a game in addition to your primary bet. It basically consists of guessing which cards you or the dealer will get. This all comes down to a matter of chance, but card counting is allowed.

Reasons to Play Side Bets

There are actually some pretty good reasons to play side bets in blackjack. While the odds of winning a side bit may seem pretty dismal, the potential for winning big is huge. If you want to win as much as possible when playing this game, side bets can definitely help.

If you are good at counting cards, placing a side bet is a particularly good idea. It is important to keep in mind that your odds are still going to be fairly low. It all comes down to a matter of how much risk you are willing to take.

Types of Side Bets

You will also want to learn about some of the more common blackjack side bets. This will also increase your chances of making the right decision at a crucial moment.

Perfect Pairs

You will be able to win big with this side bet if you are given two of a kind, but only under certain conditions.

A mixed pair, which is two of an identical value with different colors and suits, will pay out 5:1. If you get to two cards with the same color and value, you’ll get a payout of 12:1. If you manage to get two of the exact same card, you’ll get a payout of 25:1.


If you want to minimize the house edge when playing blackjack, you might want to place an insurance side bet. This side bet pays out 2:1 in the event that your dealer gets Blackjack. This is only the case if they have an ace that is face up.


With this side bet, you will be betting on your own cards as well as the face up one the dealer has.

A flush will get you a payout of 5:1, a straight will payout 10:1, three of a kind is 30:1, straight flush is 40:1, and a suited triple is 100:1. As you can see, you stand to gain a lot of money depending on which side bet you win.

Final Thoughts

The fact is that side bets in blackjack can definitely be worth the risk. You will need to decide how much you are willing to lose before making a decision. Take the time to consider the side bet offer carefully instead of just impulsively agreeing. There is a good chance you will lose, but the potential winnings are often massive.